Tiger Brokers’ fully integrated solution helps Financial Advisors build a competitive advantage and efficiently manage their businesses and clients at a meagre cost. We provide a comprehensive custody solution to all sizes for advisors, such as a portal, portfolio management, and trading platform.

Tiger’s CRM system automates client billing and enables Financial Advisors to efficiently onboard new clients. Through Tiger’s platform, clients may trade equities, options and futures on multiple markets from a Single Integrated Master Account. Clients may fund their accounts in various currencies, and Tiger‘s platform supports currency conversion and trading across USD, HKD, SGD, and CNH.

Tiger Institutional Account Portal

  • Incorporated
    Client Management

    Financial Advisors may manage the entire client acquisition and relationship lifecycle and easily administer each client’s account independently.

  • Manage User
    Access Rights

    Financial Advisors may create one or more Administrators for their Master Account and designate unlimited users per function or account.

  • Optimized

    Financial Advisors may use our optimized workflows, simplified menus and user access rights to manage client relationships from a desktop computer efficiently.

  • Reliable Client
    Onboarding Processes

    Tiger offers customized invitation links for adding clients and helps them successfully migrate to our platform.

Tiger's Cutting Edge Technology

  • 01

    Powerful Trading Platforms

    Tiger provides powerful and easy-to-operate trading platforms for Financial Advisors. Available on desktop and mobile.

  • 02

    Complete Order Types and Algos

    Tiger provides various order types – from market/limit orders to complex algorithmic trading – which helps Financial Advisors execute personalized trading strategies.

  • 03

    Financial Advisor Tools

    Tiger helps Financial Advisors spot market opportunities, analyze performance, manage their accounts and make informed decisions with our advisor tools.

Flexible Client Billing

  • Flexible Fee Structures

    Tiger helps Financial Advisors seamlessly bill clients automatically with our electronic billing feature.
    Tiger supports multiple fee structures for Financial Advisors based on a percentage of Net Liquidation Value or P&L, fixed & mixed fees and performance fee thresholds.

  • Automated Fee Administration

    Whether it is a commission, account management fee, interest fee or other fees, Tiger allows Financial Advisors to collect different fees according to individual preset templates and freely adjust them at any time.

  • Dynamic Fee Management

    Financial Advisors may set maximum invoicing amounts or percentage caps. Financial Advisors may meet compliance obligations by notifying their clients of advisory fee details. Financial Advisors may quickly reimburse fees to client accounts.

Tiger's Client Support

  • Compliance Support

    Tiger provides tailored solutions to help Financial Advisors meet their registration and compliance needs.

  • License Application Assistance

    Tiger provides one-stop professional assistance and guidance on acquiring relevant licenses for Financial Advisors that cater to their individual needs.

  • Customized Website Service

    Tiger may provide professional commercial website design, customized for the Financial Advisors, which will have unique graphic design and simple operation.

  • Branding Support

    Whitelabel statements, client registration documents and other informational materials with your own organization’s brand.