Security & Custody

2020-09-30 18:11:29

TBSG is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and comply with section 104 of the Securities and Futures Act ("SFA"). Clients' funds and investments are kept by a segregated bank account and custodian to ensure it does not commingle with other accounts. 

Client's investments are held in a trust account managed by a custodian bank or brokerage firm. Tiger Brokers may engage different licensed brokerage firms to manage customized investments in different markets. These broking firms are regulated by the authorities in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore and may be members of the exchanges in their respective jurisdictions.

Tiger Brokers performs due diligence on our counterparties and ensures that adequate controls are in place to monitor the customer's funds on an on-going basis.

Tiger Brokers offers direct market access globally.

Investments Custody: We are using different banks and prime brokers as custodians, for different market products and asset classes.

  - U.S. market: Shares, cleared and held by IBKR (Interactive Brokers), are ultimately held by DTC (Depository Trust Company).
  - Hong Kong market: Shares, held by IBKR (Interactive Brokers), are ultimately held by CCASS.
  - Singapore market: Shares, held by DBS custodian bank, are ultimately held by CDP.

Funds Custody: Clients' funds are kept in DBS commercial Bank.