Proprietary Trading Institution

Flexible account structure, one-stop powerful trading platform, comprehensive account management center

Client type

We support trading solutions for the following client types
Client type
Common place of registration
Ordinary company
Listed companies
Cayman island, Hong Kong and Singapore
Limited liability company
Cayman island, BVI, Samoa, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, etc.
Licensed Companies
Hong Kong, Cayman island and Singapore
ELP Fund
Cayman island, BVI
SP Fund
Cayman island
Family Trusts
BVI, Hong Kong and Singapore

Professional service, safe and efficient

Comprehensive and professional client support services, and flexible statement reports, to facilitate efficient and convenient transactions.

Capital Market Services

  • IPO services: support IPO underwriting and distribution services, roadshows, IPO subscription (including grey market), and custody services in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places
  • Block trade: support block trade in the US and Hong Kong markets, including matching and transaction execution services
  • Other value-added services: support stock pledge, securities borrowing and lending(SBL), and setting up share selling plans

Wealth management services

  • Support one-stop purchase of global well-known mutual and private funds and cash yield enhancement plan*
  • Provide exclusive investment advice and wealth custody services if eligible*
*only applicable to specific entities

Statements/Reportsing Services

  • Provide various statements/reports: 1) Transaction execution report - supports real-time query; 2) Settled daily/monthly statement - Support multi-period query
  • Support scheduled FTP or email push report service
  • Support various report formats such as XML, CSV and PDF

Comprehensive management platform

Tiger Brokers provides a comprehensive institutional management platform, the institutional account center, that supports the management of each account's function and authority with flexibility while providing auxiliary functions for some transactions.

Account structure

Flexible account structure that supports the creation of multiple sub-accounts and administrators

Quick Transfer

Support quick transfer of funds and positions between the master account and multiple sub-accounts.

Online Participation

Support online participation in some corporate actions, stock selection, dividend selection, tender offers, etc.

Market Data Subscription

Support market data subscriptions in stocks and futures traded in mainstream markets such as the United States and Hong Kong.

Various Statements

Various statement types to meet the audit needs of different types of institutional clients.

Powerful transactions at your fingertips

Trading Applications/Terminals



  • Highly active community, to communicate and share investment opportunities.
  • Full-time global market tracking reminder and analysis, never miss any investment opportunity.
  • Global mutual funds are available at Fund Mall.
  • See more details
  • Provide market data and in-depth data on stocks, options, futures, and derivatives in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland China (such as Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange), Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Support the subscription of IPO in the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Support order placement among multiple accounts, provide TWAP, VWAP algorithm order, and flash order for futures.
  • Extensive chart functions and extremely powerful multi-chart function experience.
  • Support highly customised and multi-screen experiences.

Open API

Full platform, multilingual solution

Support various operating systems: Windows, MacOS, and Linux, etc; provides RESTful interface and SDKs that support Python, Java, C++, and C#.

Stable, efficient, ultra fast, and free

Special line service improves stability; market data acquisition and order placement are prioritised and fast; free access to API

Standard FIX

Provide a standardised interface for the brokerage connection, with low access costs, fast turnaround, and quick deployment of products or business lines.
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Trade Desk

TradeDesk is specially established to provide offline manual order placement exclusively for Tiger Brokers' clients.

Global trading platform

Dedicated dealers within the trading desk to support round-the-clock dealing services for mainstream markets in Tiger Brokers

Various order placement methods

Provide pre-market and post-market trading services and support orders placed through phone and email.

Professional algorithmic trading

Provide a variety of professional algorithms to help clients meet transaction execution requirements and provide block trade services


Support the development of customised execution methods according to client's transaction needs

Various types of transactions

Support short-selling, options trading, and one-stop service for investing, financing, and shares borrowing and lending

Value-added services

Provide investment research services to help clients analyse market dynamics and discover trading opportunities.
The order placement methods and access methods supported above may not be applicable to specific entities. If necessary, please contact the business development manager or customer service of the entity at which your account is opened for confirmation.


Client A: Equity Investment Fund (PE/VC)

A invested in IPO projects such as Uber andNIO Inc. at the early stage. After the lock-up period expires, A can go to brokers to deposit its physical share certificate*, so as to reduce its shares holdings and cash out. Tiger Brokers, as the executing brokers of the project, provides client with TradeDesk and algorithmic transactions. In the case of stable market prices, Tiger Brokers completes the exit transaction with the highest efficiency and at a price that satisfies the client. Clients can cash out and conduct LP redemption as quickly as possible.

Client B: US-listed company

B was privatized before going public, resulting in dozens of early investors when ODI was registered. In order to ensure listing, the company finally uses 4 entities for ODI filing. Tiger Brokers has become the preferred brokers for the company’s shareholders to cash out. Client used Tiger Brokers’ self-developed independent trading account structure (STL), so that dozens of shareholders can choose their own stock-selling time pointnodes without affecting future ODI settlement of exchange, leaving the company and shareholders deeply satisfied.

Client C: Hedge Fund

C's investment strategy is long-term + hedging investment strategy, and its previous custodian is a traditional American investment bank. Affected by the market’s investment enthusiasm, C hopes to subsribe for the IPO of Chinese concept stocks Traditional American investment banks can not cover all IPO projects, and require to open a new escrow account for each new IPO project, which takes a long time and consumes manpower . Tiger Brokers relies on its wide coverage of Chinese concept IPO stocks. Client C chooses to cooperate with Tiger Brokers, quickly opens an account and successfully participates in multiple IPO projects, which satisfies Client C's investment strategy of IPO subscription.

Client D: Quantitative Private Equity Fund

D is a US-dollar private equity fund established overseas with the investment strategy being subjective long + derivatives hedging. Previously, D used custody and trading services of traditional investment banks. With the change of market conditions, D has optimization demands for the status quo of single channel, market trading period, order type, commission and IT service. With its quick response to customer needs, customized IT development and competitive commission prices, Tiger Brokers has achieved the investment goals of optimizing transaction quality and reducing costs for clients.