Fund Returns

Yesterday's Return: The return earned by the fund held during the most recent trading day. 
Holding Return: The cumulative return earned during the fund's holding period. 
Cumulative Return: The total cumulative return earned since the fund mall account opening.

Fund Dividend

If the fund held has dividends, the distribution method may include monthly dividends, quarterly dividends, annual dividends, etc.

Fund dividends will be uniformly used for fund switch (fund reinvestment).

Normally, the dividend share of a fund will reach the fund mall account within T+4 days after the dividend distribution date. If a client sells the fund between the dividend date and the dividend arrival date, the fund selling amount does not include the dividend share because the dividend has not yet arrived.

The dividend share needs to be redeemed after it arrives in the account. If the fund account share is only a small share of the dividend arrival (not satisfying the minimum holding share and selling share), the order may be deferred when the client redeems this dividend share, and the acceptance is usually within 1-2 weeks. If the client does not redeem this share or is unable to do so, the system may, in a few cases, process the redemption for the client.

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