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2021-04-08 10:40:26

[LIMITED OFFER] Welcome Gifts for Tiger Traders

Promotion Period: 8th June 2021 12:00 PM – 30th June 2021 11:59 PM (Singapore Time)

(Hereafter referred as “Promotion Period”)



Registration Bonus

500 Tiger Coins

Account Opening Bonus

180 Days of 60 Commission-Free Trades

First Deposit

SGD 2,000

1 Free AAPL Share  (will be added into your account automatically)

+ 5 Free Xiaomi Shares  (will be added into your account within 10days )


Clients who are invited by their friends may receive

a Starbucks share + stock voucher of USD 30 instead

First Deposit

SGD 300,000

1 Free AMZN Share (will be added into your account after Promotion Period)


Registration Bonus

Eligibility: New Tiger users who sign up to join Tiger Brokers are eligible.

The Bonus: Each new Tiger user will receive 500 Tiger Coins which can be used to redeem gifts.


Account Opening Bonus

Eligibility: Tiger users who open a Tiger account are eligible.

The Bonus: Each new Tiger brokerage account will receive 180 Days of 60 Commission-Free Trades. (Applicable for U.S. stocks, H.K. stocks, Singapore stocks and futures).


First Deposit Bonus

Eligibility: Tiger users who have not made any deposit in their Tiger accounts before 8th June 2021 at 12:00 PM will qualify for this program.

The Bonus: During the Promotion Period, once your very FIRST deposit reaches

  • SGD 2,000, you will receive 1 free AAPL share and 5 free Xiaomi (HK:01810) shares.
  • SGD 300,000, you will receive 1 free AMZN share.



How can I get free stocks?

  • Download Tiger Trade APP, and register an account.
  • Once your Tiger account is approved, you will be rewarded with 180 Days of Commission-Free Trades (60 times).
  • Deposit SGD 2,000 or more into your newly approved Tiger account in a SINGLE transfer during the Promotion Period and you will be rewarded with one free Apple share (AAPL) and five free Xiaomi shares (HK:01810).
  • Deposit SGD 300,000 or more into your newly approved Tiger account in a SINGLE transfer during the Promotion Period and you will be rewarded with one free Amazon share (AMZN).


Do I have to deposit SGD 2000, SGD 300,000 at a time to get my bonuses?

Yes. Deposits MUST be made in the required amount in your FIRST transfer to qualify for this limited offer.


How to claim the rewards?

  • Once your registration rewards (Tiger Coins) and Account Opening rewards (180 Days of Commission-Free Trades) are ready, you may go to [Me > Promotions & Rewards] in the Tiger Trade App to claim your rewards by clicking [Collect] within 20 days. The rewards will expire after 20 days and you may not have another chance to claim the rewards.
  • After you successfully deposit reach the required amount (SGD 2000 or SGD 300,000) in your first transfer, free shares will be automatically added to your account in 10 working days. You may check the status of the free shares in the [Rewards Center] after you made the deposit within one business day.


How can I make my first deposit of SGD 300,000?

If a single deposit cannot be made as it exceeds the DDA or your bank's limit (usually the limit is SGD 200, 000), you may choose to deposit by using the following methods:

  • For clients using a Singapore bank account, please make your deposit via bank transfer or PayNow.
  • For clients using a non-Singapore bank account, please contact Tiger Client Service.
    (Note: PayNow usually takes 1-3 business days to complete the transfer)


Instructions of Rewards

  1. Tiger Coins

Tiger Coins are issued by Tiger Brokers for clients to redeem rewards. To use the coins, a client needs to go to the [App > Me > Tiger Coins]. After redeeming the rewards with Tiger Coins, the rewards will be issued to a client's reward center. A client needs to collect the redeemed rewards within 20 days via [Tiger Trade App > Me > Promotions & Rewards]. The rewards that have not been collected after the expiration date will automatically become invalid. The validity period after receipt is 30 days.

  1. Commission-Free Trades

Commission-free trades is a reward card issued by Tiger Brokers that can be used to waive trading commissions. After the commission-free trade card is issued, a client needs to go to [Tiger Trade App > Me > Promotions & Rewards] to collect the reward card(s) within 20 days. Reward(s) that have not been collected after the expiration date will automatically become invalid. A client needs to use it within the validity period after receipt.

After collection, the commission-free trades can be used for newly created orders that generate commission fees. They are not effective for pending orders entered before collection (to avoid any delay in the commission-free trades taking effect, please enter an order at least 5 minutes after collection). Orders that do not incur commission fees will not consume the commission-free trades.

The fee for commission-free trades is deducted and rebated later. After collecting the commission-free trades and completing a new order, the order will be marked as "Waiving" and the waived portion will be refunded to your Tiger account in the form of a cash rebate within the first business week of the following month. At that time, the "Waiving" mark will be updated to "Waived" for that order. A client may view the cashback details through [Tiger Trade App > Trade > Order] or [Tiger Trade App > Trade > More > Statement].

The commission exempted by the commission-free trade is capped at 15 USD or equivalent in other currencies. The single and multiple commission-free trade(s) are effective within the validity period and the specified number of trades in the promotion. If a client has two or more commission-free trade cards from multiple promotions the validity period will be automatically extended, and unused ones will become invalid after the expiration.

  1. Free Share

The free share(s) will be released to a client's holding position within 10 working days (except AMZN) after the client's initial deposit meets the conditions of the promotion. After that, the share status in the client's reward center will be updated from “Processing” to “Delivered”.


Reward Distribution Timeframe

  1. The registration reward(s) will be issued to a client's reward center within 1 working day after the client completes registration.
  2. The account opening reward(s) will be issued to a client's reward center within 1 working day after the client completes account opening.
  3. The deposit reward(s) will be issued to a client's reward center within 1 working day after the client makes the first deposit or transfers in shares that meet the reward conditions.



  1. Tiger clients can make their deposits of SGD 2,000 / SGD 300,000 or equivalent currencies.
  2. This promotion reward does not conflict with other campaign rewards in the same period as Tiger Brokers. 
  3. For further inquiries, please call our customer service hotline (65) 69500591 or consult our online customer service via www.tigerbrokers.com.sg
  4. This offer is limited to one reward per new account, with no more than one account enrolled per person. If your Tiger Brokers account shows signs of fraud, abuse, or suspicious activity, e.g. using multiple accounts, instant account closing, Tiger may, in its sole discretion, forfeit your stock rewards and limit your chance to participate in future promotions.
  5. By participating in this event and receiving the free share(s) in your account, you agree that you will only withdraw the proceeds generated from the free share(s) after you have successfully completed 10 trades (The value of stocks in each trade must be greater than 1 USD or equivalent currencies).
  6. The maximum number of AAPL stocks presented in this event is 5000 and AMZN is 100, while supplies last.



  1. Tiger Brokers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“TBSPL”) reserves the right to change any terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, TBSPL reserves the rights to make the final decision.
  2. This material shall not be copied or redistributed. The information contained in this material is for reference only, which does not constitute and shall not be used or considered as:

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          (3) any investment advice.

  1. Investment in financial products always carries the inherent risk of loss. TBSP will not be held responsible for any losses related to investors' investment activities.
  2. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.