• Yield Coupon is a Reward Coupon issued by Tiger Brokers that can be used to obtain additional cash bonus upon successful subscription to a selected Fund. Once activated, the Coupon must be used within the indicated validity period and will automatically become invalid upon expiry.
  • To use the Coupon, clients simply need to place a Fund subscription order and choose a Yield Coupon via Fund Mall within the Coupon validity period. Please note that Coupons can only be applied for Fund subscriptions in TigerTrade APP version 8.0.3 and above.
  • The cash bonus calculation is accrued daily, and the cash bonus entitled from the Coupon will be issued to your Tiger Brokers account within 1 working day after the end of the bonus period stated (For example, if it is a 3-day Coupon, it will be credited within 1 working day after the 3-day period).
  • The formula used to calculate the daily accrued bonus entitlement is: (day end value of subscription amount for the specific coupon) * coupon annualized rate /365. If the day end value of subscription amount for the specific coupon + any existing positions – any redemption done during the day is less than your actual subscription amount, the applicable amount will be adjusted accordingly.
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