Fraud Awareness

2020-10-26 16:40:37

Notification of Fraudulent Use of Tiger Brokers Brand

As Tiger Brokers grows in popularity, many fraudulent microsites claiming to be Tiger Brokers have been sprouting up via multiple channels on the internet lately.

Attempts include but not limited to, creation and spread of fake links and fake online chats, impersonation of Tiger Brokers staff.

Tiger Brokers accepts no responsibility for any costs, information leakage, data loss, etc. which were improperly incurred resulted from the fraudulent activities.


Please note that our official website is

If you are in any doubt about the integrity of a website that uses the Tiger Brokers brand, you may access our websites via the above link.

Scam Report

We thank you for making Tiger Brokers the preferred platform for your investment needs. If you encounter any dubious websites, messages or activities, we encourage you to report to our Client Service at your earliest convenience, so that we can take action as soon as possible. Your feedbacks are much appreciated.