Tiger’s iBroker solution gives globally regulated brokerage companies the means to reduce their operational, brokerage and clearing costs while providing electronic market access worldwide.

Our institutional client account portal allows designated master users to create other users and assign selective access rights to achieve user duty segregation across multiple functions such as trading, dealing, risk, compliance, finance and operations.

Our account structure offered to Omnibus iBroker includes a proprietary sub-account and a set of client sub-accounts. The client sub-account set consists of a cash account and margin account for both long and short.

Omnibus iBroker Standard Procedures

  • Omnibus iBroker users deposit all funds in the Master account and transfer funds between the Master and sub-accounts.
  • Omnibus iBroker must conduct their own KYC/AML and compliance functions and manage client onboarding.
  • Omnibus iBroker shall provide real-time market data to their customers. Tiger may not redistribute the data to end-users.
  • Omnibus iBroker accounts can trade equities products only. Commodities products are currently not supported.