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Hong Kong Stocks

MINIMUM TRADING UNIT AND STOCK PRICE RULES FOR HK STOCKS The minimum trading unit for HK stocks is “... INTRADAY TRADING OF HK STOCKS Day trading is allowed.... There is unlimited T+0 trading frequency both for HK stocks and US stocks. 5.... MARGIN TRADING AND SHORT SELLING OF HK STOCKS Securities margin trading and short selling of HK stocks... HK STOCK SETTLEMENT ARRANGEMENT HK stocks trading is subject to the T+2 delivery system, that is, for...   View details →

US Stocks & ETFs

STOCKS Unlike A shares and HK stocks where the minimum trading unit is 1 lot, in the U.S. the minimum... DAY TRADING OF U.S. STOCKS Day trading involves high risk.... Before you start trading, please read the Risk Exposure to Intraday Trading.... one trading day.... Day trading is also generally referred to as T+0 trade....   View details →


Futures contracts trading hours According to the Exchange rules, the trading hours of each future products... Minimum futures contract trading unit The trading unit of futures contract is different from trading... In futures trading, "Contract" is the trading unit, and the minimum trading unit of futures is a standard... Last trading day and first notice day of futures The last trading day means the last trading day of... In futures trading, "Contract" is the trading unit, and the minimum trading unit of futures is a standard...   View details →

Account Types Available

There is no limit on the number or frequency of T+0 trades.  2.... It allows trading with cash. Margin trading and short selling are unavailable.... Can I trade on margin or do I have to trade in cash? →  Both are available with Tiger Brokers. 1.... Margin Trading (Financing): deposit in any currency, then trade in any market by financing if your Tiger... , USD or HKD and do the currency exchange on Tiger Trade, then trade using cash Notes on 2-2: The settlement...   View details →

Currency Exchange

Open Tiger Trade mobile APP, click ① Trade > Currency Exchange, or ② Me > Tiger Account > Prime - Securities... Tiger Brokers supports trading in multiple markets with one account.... When trading global markets, the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of... 6:20am to 4:55am next day (Singapore time) on trading days (Tiger Trade does not support currency exchange... Currency Exchange: APP > Trade > Account > Cash > Exchange; 2. Trading by financing. 2....   View details →

Products Available

PRODUCTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR TRADING VIA TIGER TRADE APP Note: Tiger Brokers supports trading... China A-shares listed in HKEX Northbound Trading (except GEM stocks)....   View details →

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

OTC INTRODUCTION OTC stands for Over-the-Counter, which refers to trading that takes place outside an... Note: Due to risk control and other reasons, the availability of some particular stocks for trading may... TRADING HOURS Day orders: orders may be placed and filled between 9.30am - 4pm (EST); GTC orders: orders... MARGIN TRADING AND SHORT SELLING Financing is available with a 100% margin.... whether an OTC stock is available for short selling, please refer to the stock info page of the Tiger Trade...   View details →


to generate a statement:    - Login in to the official website - My Account > Statement    - Tiger Trade... Trading Details 1. Trading amount is trading price multiplied by trading volume. 2.... Net amount: when buying in, the net amount is recorded as the trading amount of buying financial assets...   View details →

Risk Management

NOTE:NOT ALL STOCKS CAN BE FINANCED BY MARGIN TRADING.... All intra-account fund transfers shall be initiated by Customer through Tiger Trade APP.  ... traded.... time of the futures contract before confirming the trade.... day (liquidation may start 15 minutes before the trading day ends).       ...   View details →

Short Selling Risk

the actual daily interest rate starting from T+2 , and will be aggregated and settled on the third trading... delisted or suspended, investors may not be able to fill their short positions because the stock cannot be traded... , and it will be terminated until the stock is delisted or the stock resumes trading. ... lending fees based on the stock’s delisting price or the closing price of the stock on the most recent trading... If you need to know more about the risk disclosure of margin trading, please visit the Risk Disclosure...   View details →

Generate DDA Fast Deposit

Convenience: Deposit instructions may be submitted via Tiger Trade APP/official website, there is no... Submit A Deposit Instruction Take Tiger Trade APP as an example: 2.1 Login to your Tiger account and... click "Trade"-"Deposit". 2.2 Select "Deposit with SGD"-"DBS/POSB-DDA Deposit" to enter the deposit... is submitted successfully, and the deposit result will be sent to your registered mailbox and Tiger Trade...   View details →

Funds Withdrawal

Withdrawal through Tiger Trade APP: APP > Me > Tiger Account > Withdrawal.... the withdrawal process or cancel the request, through the “Withdrawal Request Records” page in Tiger Trade...   - Rejected: The request didn’t pass the review, you may find the reject reason in the Tiger Trade...   View details →

China A-shares

Trading rules Tiger Brokers can purchase the underlying A-shares (hereinafter referred to as A-shares... See the “Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Exchange Trading Interconnection Mechanism” for the specific... Other product categories such as B-shares, exchange-traded funds, bonds and other securities are not... (the Trading Software of Tiger Brokers).... Please click: Tiger Trade Download to download this software. III....   View details →

Singapore Stocks, ETFs & REITs

1.TRADING SCHEDULES   Full Day Trading Half Day Trading Opening Routine Pre-Open 8:30am to... 59am1 8:30am to 8:58am /8:59am1 Non-Cancel 8:58am / 8:59am to 9:00am2 8:58am / 8:59am to 9:00am2 Trading... Pre-Open 12:00pm to 12:58pm / 12:59pm1 N.A Non-Cancel 12:58pm / 12:59pm to 1:00pm2 N.A Trading... Trade at Close (TAC) is a ten minutes trading phase commencing immediately after the closing routine.... ), and fixed income instruments may trade in other board lot sizes....   View details →

Australian Stocks

TRADING HOURS Australian market trades from Monday to Friday at the following timing: Singapore Time8am... MINIMUM TRADING UNIT The minimum trading unit for Australian stocks is 1 share. 3.... TRADING LOT & BID SIZE Share PriceMinimum Bid SizeUp to 0.10 AUD0.001 AUD0.10 up to 2.00 AUD0.005 AUD... INTRA-DAY TRADING Yes, we do allow intra-day trading for Australian stocks. 6....   View details →

Buy & Sell

FUND MALL INTRODUCTION Fund Mall is a fund trading platform provided by Tiger Brokers.... Convenient trading, you may participate in public fund investment by funding your Tiger account.... Clients may buy and sell at any time during the trading day, and view transaction reports and earnings... After you open your Tiger account, go to Tiger Trade APP > Discover > Fund Mall, select any fund and... (2) Clients who have margin trading or short selling are not allowed to buy or sell the fund....   View details →

Margin & Leverage

For example, if a client has only SGD cash in his Tiger Account and wants to trade US stocks:    - ... ① if the value of the US stocks traded does not exceed the SGD cash amount, then there is only financing... and no leverage is enabled;    -  ② if the value of the US stocks traded exceeds the SGD cash amount... The margin percentage occupied by trading a stock affects the leverage amount that can be enabled for...   View details →