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CHECK THE STATEMENT After depositing funds, the user can check his or her statement report (the statement... How to generate a statement:    - Login in to the official website - My Account > Statement    - Tiger... Net inflow amount: the total amount of user's deposits and withdrawals.   II....   View details →

Account Types Available

How to upgrade: Tiger Trade APP > Trade > Account > Upgrade to Margin Account.... Margin Trading (Financing): deposit in any currency, then trade in any market by financing if your Tiger... Cash Trading (available for both Margin Account and Cash Account): 2-1. deposit SGD, USD or HKD, then... trade in the corresponding market(s) using the deposited cash without financing; or 2-2. deposit SGD...   View details →

Currency Exchange

How to do Currency Exchange? 1-1.... After depositing funds, the client may exchange the cash into different currencies and invest in corresponding... , the client may use multi-currencies exchanged in Tiger Trade instead of exchanging in a bank then depositing... After making a deposit (not in USD), does the system automatically convert the funds into USD?... For example, if a client deposits SGD and intends to trade US stocks with Tiger, he/she has two options...   View details →

DDA Fast Deposit Authentication

DDA Fast Deposit is more convenient than other SGD deposit methods.... There may be a delay if you deposit outside of business days.... DDA Fast Deposit can be completed in two steps: 1.... ", select "Deposit with SGD"-"DBS/POSB-DDA Deposit". 1.2 Click "Start to Setup the DDA Connection"... which may result in a failed deposit....   View details →

How to Open an Account?

How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?... How can I know whether my account has been successfully opened?...   View details →

Generate DDA Fast Deposit

DBS/POSB DDA DEPOSIT GUIDELINE DDA (Direct Debit Authentication) fast deposit is a service provided... DDA Fast Deposit is more convenient than other SGD deposit methods.... click "Trade"-"Deposit". 2.2 Select "Deposit with SGD"-"DBS/POSB-DDA Deposit" to enter the deposit... instruction page. 2.3 Select the account you wish to deposit from and fill in the deposit amount,... Please note: (1) The single deposit amount shall not be less than $10 SGD; (2) DDA Fast Deposit is...   View details →

Account Funding

Requirement on deposit amount: Tiger Brokers does not set any minimum or maximum deposit amount requirement... Please follow the deposit instructions.... Inform Tiger to check" and fill in the deposit notification.... If you deposit funds for the first time, the deposit status will be updated via the Tiger Trade APP.... Submitting the deposit notification is to facilitate the matching of deposits and minimise the time cost...   View details →

DDA Deposit Request Status and Explanations

DDA DEPOSIT REQUEST STATUS AND EXPLANATIONS The following notifications will proceed your deposit request... : Submitted: Your deposit instruction is successfully submitted.... Processing: Your deposit instruction has been submitted to the bank successfully.... Tiger will deposit for you immediately after the bank complete the transfer(s).... Failure: Your deposit request has failed. Please resubmitted it later....   View details →



Shares Transfer-in

Tiger will deposit the shares to the client's Tiger account within 1-2 working days upon receipt of the... MOBILE TRANSFER 1.1 CONFIRM THE MARKET If you have made a deposit, 1.1.1 Open the Tiger Trade APP... If you have opened an account and have not yet made a deposit, 1.1.2 In the Tiger Trade APP, click...   View details →

Buy & Sell

FUND BUYING HOW?... FUND SELLING HOW?...   View details →

US Stock Options

(6)        How to manage the options with inactive exercise or within exit price?... (7)        How to deal with the options, if the price of the brought options (whether call options...   View details →


Is $3000 the minimum deposit requirement for Tiger Brokers trading account?... Account of Tiger Brokers is subject to no requirement for minimum deposit. 3....   View details →

Hong Kong Stock Options

     (7) How can I inquire about the automatic expiration, forced liquidation and system exercise of...   View details →

Order Types

Q: So, how to operate a stock bought for $ 50 when you want to sell take profit when you want to pay...   View details →

Hong Kong CBBCs

(7) Premium The CBBC premium means how much the underlying asset price of CBBC needs to rise/fall...   View details →

Hong Kong Warrants

(12) Break Even point Break Even point means how much the underlying stock price needs to rise/fall...   View details →