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How to Open an Account?

How long does it take to open a Tiger Account?... →  The account will be opened within 1 to 3 business days after the account opening application is submitted... How can I know whether my account has been successfully opened?... →  After your account has been successfully opened, you will receive an SMS notification.... What will happen if I do not trade after successfully opening an account?...   View details →

Account Opening Documents

ACCOUNT OPENING DOCUMENTS In general, to open a Tiger account, you will need to provide the following... For clients with the SingPass account, we recommend choosing "Open an account with MyInfo" for fast account... opening during the account opening process.... (For clients who choose to open an account with MyInfo: if one is an NRIC holder, he/she does not need... the account opening process. 1....   View details →

Account Types Available

If you are aged [21 - under 65] with a full-time job (including self-employed)], and have opened a cash... AGE REQUIREMENT [under 18] may not open an account with Tiger; [18 - under 21] and [21 - under 65 (students... , interns and other unemployed individuals who are not working full-time)] may open a Cash Account; [... 21 - under 65 (individuals (including self-employed individuals) working full-time] may open either a... Margin Account or a Cash Account; [65 - under 75] may open a Cash Account; [75 and over] may not open...   View details →

Currency Exchange

Open Tiger Trade mobile APP, click ① Trade > Currency Exchange, or ② Me > Tiger Account > Prime - Securities... Open Tiger Trade PC APP, click Assets > Cash > Exchange, specify the currency and amount, and then exchange... Tiger Brokers supports trading in multiple markets with one account.... Tiger Account is a multi-currency account that makes it easy for clients to trade the global markets.... The client may view the actual cash amount via APP > Trade > Account > Cash....   View details →

Buy & Sell

One click to open a fund mall account, you may participate in the public fund investment.... Convenient trading, you may participate in public fund investment by funding your Tiger account.... After you open your Tiger account, go to Tiger Trade APP > Discover > Fund Mall, select any fund and... click Buy to enter the fund mall account opening process.... After the account is opened, you may buy a fund with cash....   View details →


The cash delivery refers to a manner of delivery that, for the due and open position futures contract... Open futures positions held to the last trading day will be delivered. n order to avoid any delivery... Is $3000 the minimum deposit requirement for Tiger Brokers trading account?... The smaller it is, the safer the account position is.... Opening and closing a position will charge standard commission....   View details →

Earnings & Dividends

Cumulative Return: The total cumulative return earned since the fund mall account opening.... Normally, the dividend share of a fund will reach the fund mall account within T+4 days after the dividend... The dividend share needs to be redeemed after it arrives in the account.... If the fund account share is only a small share of the dividend arrival (not satisfying the minimum holding...   View details →

Over-the-Counter (OTC)

OTC UNDERLYING Currently, the tradable OTC underlying is U.S. stocks, and the transaction types are opening... ACCOUNT TYPES Margin accounts and cash accounts. 3....   View details →

Shares Transfer-in

Tiger will deposit the shares to the client's Tiger account within 1-2 working days upon receipt of the... MOBILE TRANSFER 1.1 CONFIRM THE MARKET If you have made a deposit, 1.1.1 Open the Tiger Trade APP... If you have opened an account and have not yet made a deposit, 1.1.2 In the Tiger Trade APP, click... [Trade > Shares Transfer-in (Transfer Brokerage Account)].... number of the account opened with the original broker...   View details →

Risk Management

TBSPL will not do intra-account fund transfer automatically to fulfil any margin requirements.... All intra-account fund transfers shall be initiated by Customer through Tiger Trade APP.  ... DEFINITION OF INDICATIONS (1)   Total Assets = Total asset of account including both securities and... which is available funds – locked funds (including any fees or interests that are payable)        To open... Securities Segment:              Account is on margin when Cash Balance is negative.              ...   View details →

Account Funding

ACCOUNT FUNDING - OVERVIEW 1.... When you open an account, if you choose to open a margin account and succeed, then the margin trading... Please transfer funds from a bank account in the same name as your Tiger Account.... ACCOUNT FUNDING - PROCEDURE Funding through Tiger's website: Login to Official Website > My Account... Funding through Tiger Trade APP: APP > Me > Tiger Account > Deposit....   View details →


How to generate a statement:    - Login in to the official website - My Account > Statement    - Tiger... Trade APP > Me > Tiger Account > Statement I.... Open Position 1....   View details →

Funds Security

After a Tiger client opens a Fund Mall account and buys fund, the funds will be transferred from the... Tiger account to the fund company's bank account, and then the funds will be invested....   View details →

Hong Kong Stocks

HONG KONG STOCKS TRADING HOURS Monday to Friday: [Pre-opening Session] At-auction Session:    HKT... orders continue to be listed on HKEX    Note: Some at-auction limit orders entered during the pre-opening... automatically cancelled after amendation, depending on whether the order is accepted by HKEX during the pre-opening... HK STOCK DERIVATIVES TRADING Tiger Account supports warrant, callable bull/bear contract and other derivatives...   View details →

DDA Fast Deposit Authentication

After connecting your Tiger account with your DBS/POSB account, you can initiate a deposit instruction... Setup the connection between your DBS/POSB account and your Tiger account, and complete a DDA authentication... Tiger Brokers does not accept deposits from joint accounts and accounts from that registered on the Tiger... account. 2.... account may incur overdraft and relevant fees; 3....   View details →

Funds Withdrawal

WITHDRAWAL PROCESS REQUEST Withdrawal through Tiger's website: Login to Official Website > My Account... Withdrawal through Tiger Trade APP: APP > Me > Tiger Account > Withdrawal....   - Bank Processing: The money was deducted from your securities account, and will be remitted out... The money is being returned to your securities account....   - Remitted: Your money was sent to your personal bank account....   View details →

Singapore Stocks, ETFs, REITs & DLCs

1.TRADING SCHEDULES   Full Day Trading Half Day Trading Opening Routine Pre-Open 8:30am to... 8:58am / 8:59am to 9:00am2 Trading 9:00am to 12:00pm 9:00am to 12:00pm Mid-Day Break Pre-Open... Only limit orders are allowed during Pre-Open / Pre-Close phase.... The Pre-Open / Pre-Close phase ends randomly at any time within this one-minute window and the Non-Cancel... TRADING INSTRUCTIONS (1) Before trading for the first time, clients need to sign an agreement to open...   View details →

DDA Connection Termination

Select the account you wish to terminate the connection with Tiger Securities, and click "Next". 4.... Confirm the account information, fill in the date you wish the termination to take effect, and click... Tiger does not have the authority to modify your account settings in the bank.... discrepancy in the screenshot page, please refer to the actual page of the bank or contact your bank account...   View details →

Generate DDA Fast Deposit

After connecting your Tiger account with your DBS/POSB account, you can initiate a deposit instruction... Setup the connection between your DBS/POSB account and Tiger account, and complete a DDA authentication... Tiger Brokers does not accept deposits from joint accounts and accounts with a different name from that... registered on the clients’ Tiger account. 2.... Should the bank accept your deposit when you have insufficient funds in your account, your account may...   View details →