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1. Trading Hours

Australian market trades from Monday to Friday at the following timing:

Singapore Time8am - 2pm

7am - 1pm (DST1)
Australian Eastern
Standard Time
10am - 4pm

9am - 3pm (DST)

1DST: Daylight Saving Time, starting from the first Sunday of October, and ending on the first Sunday of April.

2. Minimum Trading Unit

The minimum trading unit for Australian stocks is 1 share.

3. Trading Lot & Bid Size

Share PriceMinimum Bid Size
Up to 0.10 AUD0.001 AUD
0.10 up to 2.00 AUD0.005 AUD
> 2.00 AUD0.01 AUD

4. Circuit Breakers

There are currently no circuit breakers.

5. Intra-Day Trading

Yes, we do allow intra-day trading for Australian stocks.

6. Do we provide Margin Financing?

Yes, we do provide margin financing for Australian stocks.

7. Do we provide short-selling for Australian stocks?

No, we currently do not offer short-selling for Australian stocks.

8. Order types supported

Two order types are currently available: Limit Order and Market Order.

9. Settlement Date

Australian stocks are currently on a T+2 settlement basis.

10. Do we offer Australian Derivatives?

No, we currently do not offer Australian Derivatives.

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