Corporate Welfare Zone

2022-06-22 18:15:24

How to Qualify for Corporate Welfare Zone Rewards?

Process: Account Registration → Certify Corporate Email Address → Open Account → Invite Colleagues

*Clients who have opened a Tiger account before certifying their corporate email addresses are NOT eligible for the full Welfare Zone rewards, they will only enjoy referral rewards if they invite 3 or more colleagues to get certified and the account opened. Existing clients will only need to complete Steps 2 & 4 to receive their Welfare Zone invitation rewards.

Step 1. Account Registration

Download [Tiger Trade APP] and register for a Tiger account using your mobile number or email address (personal email address recommended). Remember to key in an invitation code if you have one.

Step 2. Certify Corporate Email Address

2.1 Go to Corporate Welfare Zone on Tiger Trade APP

After registering an account, go to [Me > Corporate Welfare Zone].

2.2 Join Welfare Zone and Key in Corporate Name

For clients whose companies have not created their Welfare Zone

When you enter Corporate Welfare Zone, click [Join Now] and enter your [Corporate Name]. If your company’s name is not in the dropdown list, your company has not created the Welfare Zone. Simply click [Apply Now], enter all required information including your corporate email address, e.g. [], and click [Send]. A verification code will be sent to your entered email. Retrieve the code and enter it in the box. Next, click [Submit Certification]. Please note that the review process may take up to 3 business days.

For clients whose companies have created their Welfare Zone

When you enter Corporate Welfare Zone, click [Join Now] and enter your [Corporate Name], select the corresponding company in the dropdown list and click [Certify Now].

If the email domain on this page is correct, proceed to fill in your corporate email prefix, e.g. only enter [xyz] in the box if your corporate email is []. Next, click [Send]. A verification code will be sent to your corporate email. Retrieve the code and enter it in the verification code box. Click [Submit Certification] to complete certification and you will be certified immediately.

2.3 Complete Certification by Submitting Documents

If your corporate email blocks external emails, you may choose to verify your email by clicking [Submit documents to certify] and follow the instructions stated. Tiger will verify your email within 3 business days.

Step 3. Complete the Account Opening to Get Welfare Zone Account Opening Rewards

After successful certification, click [Open An Account Now] and complete the account opening. Once your account is opened, you will be entitled to the Corporate Welfare Zone Account Opening rewards.

Step 4. Invite your Colleagues and Get Welfare Zone Invitation Rewards

Upon successful certification, with a registered Tiger account, click [Invite Now] to share the link with your fellow colleagues. With every 3 referred colleagues who are certified for Corporate Welfare Zone and have opened Tiger accounts, you will enjoy additional 6 months of commission-free trading for U.S. stocks. The more colleagues you invite, the longer period of commission-free trading for U.S. stocks will be rewarded to you.


1. Q: Will I get the account opening rewards for Corporate Welfare Zone if I have opened an account before getting certified?

    A: No, you will not get the account opening rewards. However, you will get the invitation reward every time you invite 3 colleagues to get certified before they open a Tiger account.

2. Q: Will my Tiger account be affected if I leave my current company?

    A: You only need to use your corporate email address to certify that you are a corporate employee. You may use your personal email address to register a Tiger account. Therefore, your Tiger account will not be affected.

3. Q: Will my company be notified of my Tiger account since I am using my corporate email address and get certified?

    A: No, your company will not be notified. The verification code will only be sent to your corporate email for you to retrieve the verification code. If you are concerned, you may choose to certify by emailing us the required documents.

4. Q: What will happen to my rewards if I leave/change company during the 6 months commission-free for U.S. stocks period?

    A: Your rewards will not be affected even if you change company.

5. Q: If I have changed company and would like to invite colleagues from my new company, what should I do?

    A: You may change your certification. Just submit your company name, corporate email address and photos taken with your employee card/work badge/namecard, and send them to Tiger certification officer's email Tiger will review it and change your certification within 5 business days. Once you have been re-certified, you can start to invite your new colleagues.